Why We believe

At PSI, we believe in the policy of Financial Inclusion because we understand that we are all part of an interconnected world, with shared responsibilities toward one another, which includes the creation of systems and processes to benefit those who have been historically disadvantaged through the lack of such.

We embrace this approach because, not only is it sound business strategy to engage with low and middle income communities and include these more broadly in the financial sector, but it is also a moral obligation that we fundamentally support the efforts of those organizations that are striving to improve the lives of many, many people.

PSI is a business built on the foundations of a philosophy that its partners have long respected – that in order for one to be truly successful, one must be able to make a real contribution to the development of the market in which one operates. If history has taught us anything it is that our ability to profoundly influence change is by being a part of it.

Whilst we recognize that our service allows us to be a small part of a much bigger global conversation around Financial Inclusion, we are deeply proud of the fact that we are able to support an agenda we so completely believe in. With our roots firmly in Africa, and our aspirations reaching beyond its borders, we have witnessed the changes that true financial integration can bring to companies, communities and countries. And of course, the impact made on individual lives cannot ever be underestimated.

Finally, we understand that money management is vital to success, and so we appreciate that our PDMS product allows our clients to offer their employees more control over their finances, particularly in maximizing their monthly salaries that could otherwise fall victim, through their lack of choice, to loans and other financial services that carry cripplingly high interest rates. In doing so, we are convinced that we too are furthering the Financial Inclusion of these parties into economies of their countries.

marc@psi.limitedWhy We believe