Our Product – What Is It

3rd Party Affordability and Deduction Management Platform (ADMP):

  • Performs employee affordability evaluation
  • Manages deductions PRIOR to them being effected onto the payroll
  • Builds trust between Lenders and Borrowers
  • Help convert the employee salary/employment into an asset
  • We mitigate credit and collection risk for financial service providers

Key Components of the ADMP

  • Electronic live platform that is updated every time a transaction is performed
  • Registry of all lenders
  • Registry of all employers
  • Registry of all employees
  • Up to date payroll information
  • Up to date loan information

Our Product – How It Works

Benefits to the Employee

  • Guaranteed minimum take home income so they cannot dangerously over-commit their salary and have improved control over personal spending
  • Because banks have no fear regarding loan repayment collections, they are now in a position to offer employees more competitive interest rates on loans, meaning that employees can now commit less of their income to paying off credit (reduction in the cost of lending)
  • Further, as a result of the credibility that comes with using our PDMS product, employees will have wider access to financial and other services (including short and long term insurance policies encompassing key provisions such as funeral benefits)
  • Personal Finance Management and training provided by PSI
  • There is also no direct cost to employees if their employer choose to use our PDMS system.