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To date, four subsidiary companies have been successfully established in three key African regions, and are proving in daily operation that the PDMS product is easy to implement, and fast to deliver results. Further, given that the PDMS product is run in a fully transparent manner, it has become a trusted, credible source for providing financial information in a responsible, safe manner that allows for all parties engaging with it, whether banks or employers, to feel that their interests are fully appreciated and catered for.

In West Africa, Payment Solutions Naija is based in the bustling commercial hub of Lagos, from where it operates a nation-wide entity which has established strong relationships with local and national government, the private sector and the commercial banking community to ensure that a comprehensive network is now in place to service this African superpower.

With a multitude of companies, organizations and government departments providing employment to a vast and diverse workforce, it is predicted that the PDMS product will continue to find new consumers across Nigeria.

In East Africa, Payment Solutions Uganda (the very first business established by PSI), continues to operate from Kampala where the system has not only become an familiar feature in economic landscape of the country, but is in fact, one that is celebrated for its role in contributing to assisting the salaried low income workers to build stable relationships with regulated banking institutions, who no longer have to fear loan defaults and can afford to extend credit to these individuals at competitive rates.

In Southern Africa, Payment Solutions Malawi based in Lilongwe is bringing the benefits of the PDMS product to this complex market, where its implementation continues to yield positive results and is increasingly being integrated into the payroll processes of PSM’s client base – employers who wish to help their employees better leverage their monthly pay-check to secure better loan arrangements, specifically loans that don’t charge exorbitant interest rates with devastating consequences on the employee’s income.

Payment Solutions Mzansi based in Tshwane is introducing the benefits of the PDMS products to the multitude of over-indebted employee in the country and the ever increasing number of emolument attachment orders. The PDMS system will play a meaningful role in the economic transformation of the country.

Meanwhile, as PSI continues to entrench its operations on the continent under the umbrella brand of Payment Solutions Africa, it is increasingly looking to global emerging markets for new opportunities, in line with PSI’s overarching vision to secure a worldwide market where its PDMS product can add value to both the economy of countries, and the upliftment of communities through facilitating wider access to sound financial products and services.

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