About the ADMP

The ADMP acts as a trusted deduction management platform and facilitates compliance with legislated payroll deduction processing, while enabling employers to set and maintain protective rules and standards to ensure their employees are shielded from over indebtedness and ruthless lending practices.

The deductions managed by the ADMP are collected prior to the consumer  receiving his salary into his bank account and any other payments not managed by the ADMP is paid The company earns revenue on each salary deduction it processes on behalf of financial services providers and the service does not cost the employer, the state or the consumer.

By utilizing its unique position as the administrator of the deduction platform the company has determined, with 9 years of operational experience, that customers
within the ADMP platform are not able to default on loans and collections within this platform has yielded as high as a 99.6% repayment collection rate

Payment Solution International’s ADMP has proven to substantially reduce collection risk for participants in the financial services sector by transforming the traditional “unsecured loan” into a quasi secured loan.

The ADMP effectively secure the loans, ensure an unprecedented 99.6% collection rate, keeping in mind average default rates for unsecured lending of up to 45% while ensuring profitability and ethically sustained growth for the company, drive down the cost of borrowing for the consumers and introduce robust competition into the market, forcing entrenched financial services companies to re evaluate their lending criteria and adjust their rates downward to match the new marketplace.

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