Payment Solutions International (PSI) offers an Affordability and Deduction Management Platform (ADMP) which is focused on creating an efficient eco-system of financial safety that allows low and middle income employees in emerging markets to successfully leverage their earnings to create more value in their lives. Given that financial literacy and education is still in its infancy for most of world’s burgeoning low and middle income communities, for whom property ownership (among other financial investments) will become a key stepping stone to future progress. PSI‘s ADMP assists in fulfilling an important gap in the market.

PSI’s ADMP works simply and comprehensively – first, the ADMP consolidates all financial providers across a country, including banks and micro-lenders, into a single hub. Then, using its built in metrics to determine which individuals qualify for credit loans (e.g. mortgages), it is able to offer financial institutions a risk management tool while also helping individuals who qualify for credit support to pay back their required loan installments from their monthly salary, PRIOR to that salary being paid out to them. In this way, PSI’s ADMP provides an outstanding new financial solution that speaks directly to some of the challenges facing growing emerging markets across the globe.

For countries and companies that wish to promote holistic employee health, PSI’s ADMP offers a sound economic solution that runs in parallel to their efforts to educate their citizenry and staff to the merits of a properly managed credit environment. In this way, it helps these communities to work toward significant life milestones, such as owning their own home, one progressive and sustainable step at a time.