Our Product - What Is It

3RD Party Payroll Deduction Management Service (PDMS):

  • Performs employee affordability evaluation
  • Manages deductions PRIOR to them being effected onto the payroll
  • Builds trust between Lenders and Borrowers
  • Help convert the employee salary/employment into an asset
  • We mitigate credit and collection risk for financial service providers


Key Components of the PDMS system:

  • Electronic live platform that is updated every time a transaction is performed
  • Registry of all lenders
  • Registry of all employers
  • Registry of all employees
  • Up to date payroll information
  • Up to date loan information
Our Product - How It Works

How it works
How it works

Benefits to the Financial Service Provider

Benefits to Financial Service Providers:

  • The PDMS product increases rate of collections and reduces the instances of non-performing loans meaning that bad debt and arrears hugely reduced
  • Opens a new market to Financial Service providers, such as commercial banks, who previously did not lend to low or middle income individuals because concern over lending risk
  • Reduces administrative burden of managing deductions through the use of a controlled collection mechanism; assisting in this manner to negate fraud
  • Equal treatment and opportunity to Financial Service Providers to engage competitively



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